01543 684456 – 01902 850343 We have had a few customers lately asking for kiln dried ash logs. Firstly why over the last 5-6 years kiln dried have become popular is that Ash trees are dieing in the Uk. They have a disease that is killing them called Chalara ash dieback. Why they are being kiln dried is a government request as that stops the disease spreading.

Because of the price of gas and electricity going up in the last few years alot more people are burning logs and they are being encouraged to use kiln dried as they are supposed to be below 20%. But in our climate at this time of year, when the kiln dried are stored they become 23% moisture content

There is talk that the government are going to bring in some sort of charge for people using wood burning stoves and open fires.

So they are encouraging the sale of the dieing Ash trees and then proposing a tax on the user.

Our logs when cut are 16%-20% moisture content and are all seasoned, wind dried for 2 years+.

We supply mixed bulk bags or half or full transit tipper loads.

Also I want to settle something here before I sign off. Alot of people get told use only hard wood. The definition of a hardwood tree and a softwood tree, is this….. The hardwood is flower baring and the softwood is cone baring. So Ash Oak Beech Lime Silver Birch Sycamore Maple Apple Hathorn Chestnut etc are all hardwood flower baring trees. Scotch Pine Cedar Spruce Larch Corsican Pine Conifer Yew etc are all softwood cone baring trees. Now you might be suprised here, but the hardest tree we have in England is Yew which is a soft wood and soft hardwoods include willow poplar and lime…..

Just thought ide throw that one out there. Hope the info helped as im always getting asked about hardwood.